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Sorting out the quality sites

Yesterday we found some blogs or other websites talking about our technology, which allowed comments. Today we’re going to look at those websites and identify the priority ones.

The “quality” of a site in Google’s eyes is indicated by the site’s “PageRank”. What we need to do now is to see which of the sites we’ve identified have a decent PageRank, and focus on those. I’d omit from this filtering any educational establishments (, or from the US, .edu) which are always worth getting links from. I quite like and .org sites too.

For the and .com sites, you’ll need a tool to assess PageRank. The pros do this using a browser add-on such as SEOquake, which is available for FireFox, Safari and Google Chrome. Otherwise (including if you use Internet Explorer) you’ll need the Google Toolbar, which will show the PageRank as a little bar which you can hover over to reveal the actual number.

If a page in your list has a PageRank of 2 or more, that’s great (if it has 4, 5 or more, that’s even better!). If it doesn’t appear to have a PageRank, it may be that Google isn’t returning anything yet, so check a parent page, and if that’s good, keep it.

Tomorrow we’ll look at what to do with our list of targets, which I hope now has 10-20 pages on it.

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