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How to join in the discussion

Once you’ve researched some blogs or websites which allow comments, and which cover your technology area, it’s time to start commenting and getting those links. I like to act as professionally as possible, putting in good, solid technical comments. Most website owners are fed up with spammers commenting: “Great post! I really learned a lot from this!” and delete that sort of stuff.

With most blogs, you need to sign in to make a comment. Look at previous comments on the site, and you may see that the name of the commenter links to the commenter’s website. If that’s the case, you won’t need to shoehorn links to your site into the comment you’re about to make, because you’ll get the link from your name. So register to make a comment, and ensure you do two things. Firstly, give yourself a user name which includes a nice relevant search term in it. If you’re looking to get links to your page about widgets, call yourself something like “widget expert”. This will be the “anchor text” so you need it to tell Google that your page is about widgets, not about “Chris”. If the blog looks like the commenter’s name doesn’t get a link, you will have to put a link in the body of your comment. Plenty of blogs are fine about this, but some won’t let you do it.

Secondly, in the “your website” field, put a link to a relevant page on your website.

Now you need to write a good comment. Think about this. If the site is relevant to your technology, there must be something constructive you can add to the comments. Don’t relate it back to your company or your website unless you need to; just make a good contribution to the argument. It could raise further questions, and it doesn’t have to be approving. Just put yourself in the position of the blog owner, who will be pleased to receive a comment from someone who has a point to make or a question to ask, and who clearly knows what they’re talking about.

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