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Finding the blogs where you can join in the conversation

Today we’re going to find some websites where you can go and make a comment or contribution, and in return get a link back to your site from the contributor’s name. We’re just going to find some sites today, not actually do anything yet.

Firstly you need to look for sites related to your technology which will accept comments. The best way to do this is to search for a topic related to your technology, and add a phrase which appears when comments are allowed: my favourite is simply “post a comment”. If there are quite a few results, you might even like to focus on academic sites, by adding “”, although that’s optional, depending on how many results there are!

Here’s what you end up with:

If there are plenty of results, that’s great – don’t just look at the first page, but dig down a few pages. When it’s all done, you should be able to list the addresses of quite a few pages which are related to your technology area, and which accept comments. Repeat with different search terms until you’ve got 20-30 different sites which you might want to get a link from. Tomorrow we’ll sort them into a priority order.

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