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Content marketing needs a budget

The evolving B2B marketing budget: what are you really paying for? is a nice article on the Beyond blog which looks at the changing nature of advertising and marcomms spending. It identifies a number of eras, from the time when display advertising was all a company could do, through the advent of direct and then web marketing, to the “content marketing era” we may be entering. The article makes some very sensible points when it comes to the thorny problem of “we’d like to try such-and-such but we don’t have the time”.

“Surely the answer is simply to build it into the budget”, says the author. “If you want to reap the benefit of having a presence in the online world that is so important in shaping the buyers’ perception of your brand, you should expect to pay for it. But instead of simply paying for the space into which you insert your ad, you need to invest in the time and the training required to have an active presence in social media. Pay for people to run your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your blogs, your online outreach in general. It’s the same money – just a different way of allocating it.”

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