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Are you an icon of the web?

This is quite lovely, and a bit of fun as it’s a bank holiday today. Icons of the Web is a representation of the most-visited sites on the web by their icons (the little ones which appear next to the URL in your browser’s address bar). The creators scanned the top 1,000,000 sites and collected nearly 300,000 different icons. Then they added up the traffic to the sites which used each icon, and created this chart with the icons blown up to the scale of their websites’ traffic (which I like to think of as the number of times they’re seen).

Sadly this blog hasn’t made it yet, but there are one or two BMON clients I see in there, and I’m sure if you feature you’ll want to request the poster for your office. An interactive element on the NMAP site allows you to see if your site’s there and zoom in on it. I’d love to see a version from 2000, to compare it with today (Google probably wouldn’t have featured back then, for example).

As an aside, your site does have its own icon (AKA “favicon”), doesn’t it?

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