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4 steps to getting links from blogs

Despite me banging on about the need to get links from other websites ever since you started reading this blog, I’m prepared to bet most of you haven’t really made enough (or any) effort to do so. It’s amazing how few companies bother. Yet despite many companies knowing that links are the key to ranking high in the Google results, and despite being aware they haven’t made any effort to get these links, companies still expect that magically it’ll all come right.

Well, it won’t. So for the rest of this week, in yet another attempt to persuade you to start building some links, I’m going to outline a 4-step plan to get some “easy” links, by commenting in blogs and other websites which accept comments. You can do this. Or if you can’t, you can print these articles out and get someone else to do it for you. Really, it’s not difficult.

What we’re going to do is to find the sites; sort out which ones are worth targeting; visit the sites and leave quality comments; and let Google know what you’ve done. Join me tomorrow for more details.

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