Who’s that on my website?

I tend to come from the school of thought that says if your website is designed and written well enough, it’ll convert the visitors to enquiries. Sure, many visitors will go away and you’ll never know who they are, but if the website meets prospects’ needs at every stage of the buying cycle, maybe the people who don’t reveal themselves were never prospects in the first place. But I know many of you disagree. You know your business better than I do, so I shan’t argue if you reckon that the people who visit your website and leave anonymously are a potential source of business. I know many of you just say: “give me the names, and I can do the selling”.

So, can you find out who’s been nosing around your website, even if they don’t get in touch? Not by name, but every visitor does leave the “IP address” of their computer, and that’s one of the rare areas where B2B companies have an advantage over those selling to consumer markets. IP addresses can be reverse-looked-up and if the visitor was at a large company with its own IP address, the company can be identified. This is a service offered by an outfit called Web Forensics, and their product looks very interesting. I don’t have any experience of it, but if you do, or if you give it a try, let me know what you think.