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What you’re up to – and why it’s of interest

So, we’ve looked at using your “about us” page to show your company’s human side, and making your website into a reference guide to your technology. A third way to show people they’ve come to the right company is to make the most of the opportunities presented to you by a blog.

An excellent example of this was produced by one of our Insider Programme members last month. Their attendance at a biannual industry exhibition was clearly the most important part of the marketing calendar, and involved a lot of work before and during the event. But they didn’t waste the opportunity to enhance their online marketing at the same time. A daily diary from the event (including the trials and tribulations of build-up day) was entertaining for anyone who may have read it at the time. But more importantly, that diary now appears on the website forever, and will be discovered by future visitors for a long time to come. If you’re thinking that sounds a bit trivial, it really isn’t. Reading those diary entries really gives a great impression of a company run by real people, offering real answers to customers’ questions. If I went to their website as a prospect, I’d be genuinely reassured.

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