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What does an effective inbound link look like?

We all know that links to your website are what get you to the top of the Google results. And I think most people realise that all links are not equal: a link from a serious, highly-ranked site scores much higher than one from a three-week-old blog with two posts on a free site. I covered this a few weeks ago in Make those links work harder. There we discovered that “links from inside unique content pass more value than those from Footers/Sidebar/Navigation”. But what does that look like? This gives me a chance to mention another benefit available to members of our Insider Programme.

The BMON Company Directory was a small project primarily set up to show what links inside the body copy of a page with relevant “anchor text” actually look like. It also serves to say “yes” to clients who’ve asked us: “As a client of yours, can we have a link from your website please?” Many of our clients have taken advantage of a free page on this site, and it’s actually proved rather effective; not particularly in generating direct traffic, but for many clients, I understand it’s only just under their own entry when they type their company name into Google. As the site is clearly taken seriously by the search engines, we can assume that the links from within companies’ entries are all helping improve the Google rankings for the searches represented by the text in the links.

Take a look at one random company entry, for example. You’ll see the body copy has worked in a whole list of references to terms which the company considers important for the search engines. So the link to the company’s “Data Analysis” product page, for example, has “Data Analysis Products” as the underlined term (the “anchor text”) and therefore our site is saying to Google: “this page being linked to is about Data Analysis Products, so for any searches for that term, please rank this page more highly”. And so on.

Your own page in the BMON Company Directory is another benefit of joining us (and several dozen other companies like yours) on the Insider Programme. For £100 a month, with no ongoing commitment, we’d love you to give it a try.

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