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What are the most important search terms for your company?

What should you really be trying to get to “number one on Google” for? Have you ever really thought about it? I always suggest to people that they make a “long list” of search terms that could be relevant to their company (and there will be many more than you initially think). Then investigate two things about each: the competition, and the number of searches made on that term. If the term is pretty generic, and the competition in the Google results is Wikipedia and other widely-known reference sites, sometimes you have to know when to walk away. Similarly, Google provides some good tools for analysing the number of searches made on specific terms, and if it’s not a term that people actually type into Google, why bother? We have an AdWords client at the moment who is hugely concerned about appearing for a certain search term despite the fact that it simply isn’t used by customers, only within the industry.

Working out the search terms you should be building your website around is something we cover in the first month of our Insider Programme. Over 50 industrial and scientific companies have joined us on this over the past two years. What we’ve done is to take everything you need to know about online marketing and put it in a series of 52 advisory sheets. As an Insider Programme member, you’ll receive one of these Practical Steps sheets every Friday by email – a 10-minute read which will steadily expand your knowledge of how to make your company’s website, email marketing and online advertising really start to produce results. There are some terrific reports available too, which you’ll love if you have to report on your website’s progress elsewhere in the company. It’s all just £100 a month, and you could start as soon as next week. Take a look – we’d love to have you on board.

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