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Is your website actually yours?

Some companies’ websites were set up many years ago by people who could be excused for not knowing too much about what they were doing. In many cases, the website was outsourced to a designer or website host who might have taken a bit of a shortcut and registered the domain name themselves as part of the package. You really should check your own domain name details to ensure they’re all up-to-date and that your company is the official owner. There could be serious problems in the future if somebody else owns the name, however friendly they seem today. In addition, check that the domain is registered for several years ahead. It’s not thought that this is taken to be a sign of seriousness or trust by the search engines, but you never know, it might become a factor. And check the contacts are up to date! You don’t want renewal reminders going to someone who’s long since left the company.

Check your “WHOIS record” at a site like

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