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Google AdWords: free seminars for readers

Our free seminars a few months back were very well attended, and so we’re putting on another couple this autumn on the most popular subject: Google AdWords. If you’re a marketing manager at a business-to-business company in the technical sector, and you’re not using Google AdWords, all I can say is that you really are missing out, and you should try to attend one of these events. And if you are using Google AdWords, it’ll be just as useful, because I promise you’ll learn a lot about how to spend your money more effectively.

During the day, I shall show you what Google AdWords can do, how to create campaigns which work, and how to measure their effectiveness. Best of all, I’ll show you how to run a Google AdWords campaign without lifting a finger: just place a monthly order, and wait for the sales enquiries to come in. The seminars are free events, and take place in Letchworth, Herts (on the A1), on 23 September and 21 October at 10am. To reserve a seat, just let us have your contact details now at

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