Are you number 1 on Google today? Do you have any idea?

Yesterday I mentioned our Insider Programme, which over 50 industrial and scientific companies have joined us on during the past two years. One of the most compelling reasons to be part of this, for many companies, has been the weekly Google Position Reports we send members. I thought I’d show you what these are today, and (for those of you who are already members) how to get them working for you.

Let’s say you decide that a priority search term for your company is “4-20mA Aerospace Widgets”. Now, to monitor how you’re doing you can just go to Google every now and then, type in “4-20mA Aerospace Widgets” and see where you come. There are three problems with this. One is that you’ll quite likely see results which are biased towards your company (it’s called “personalised search“). Another is that you’re not really going to keep doing this regularly, are you? And finally, can you really be bothered to do something with the data, to see what’s happening, such as making a graph of it?

What you need is for someone to check all of your key search terms every day, keep records, and send you a nice visual report every week. And that’s exactly what our Google Search Phrase Position Reports do. As you can see, our own website started appearing in Google for the phrase “4-20mA Aerospace Widgets” on 12 June (at number 1), then we dropped out for a day, came back in at number 2, then rose to number 1 again.

This sort of thing is happening for all of your priority search terms, all the time. Keeping track of that is almost impossible for people with real jobs to do, however.

As an Insider Programme member, how do you set up your Google Search Phrase Position Reports? It’s quite straightforward. Sign in at the “Dashboard” page of our website, and select “Google Search Phrase Position Reports”. You’ll then see the screen where you can add a list of search terms to be monitored:

Just add in the search terms, one at a time, and click “Add”. We’ll start monitoring them the next day, and every day, from then on. You can pop back to this page at any time to look at the charts (and select a date range to view), but you’ll be sent them as PDF reports every Friday morning. Have fun!

For more information on becoming a member of the Insider Programme, click here.

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