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Are you experts in your field? Well don’t hide it!

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of using your “about us” page to show the human side to your company and why people should do business with you. But what else can you do on your website to set the scene for a successful sale?

My next suggestion is to put as much authoritative background on your site as possible. Make yourself the Wikipedia of your technology area. You must know more about your technology than anyone else around, so show it. That way, when prospects go sniffing around your site, they won’t end up wondering whether or not you’re someone who can genuinely help them and provide the right product for their needs.

One way of doing this might be to commission a good technical writer to come in and talk to your technical experts. That way you can create a series of genuinely original and useful reference articles, which in time will also serve to pick up links from all over the web. The technical journalism market has contracted significantly in the last few years, and there are some excellent technical writers around who’ll be delighted to take on a job like this. You can probably get a whole series of good technical articles written for the cost of a here today, gone tomorrow advert somewhere, and these will prove to be great sales collateral for a long time to come.

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