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4 ways to make your company appear more human

Presenting an image of your company as real people, who potential customers will want to do business with, is not easy. But it’s increasingly important, because traditionally that’s the bit which the salesman can do, and as we all know, customers are increasingly making decisions without getting as far as meeting the salesman. So how should you present your human side on your website? That’s something I thought I’d address today and for the rest of this week.

The first idea is to really expand your “about us” page. This is a crucial page; look at your website visitor analysis and you’ll see how many visitors look at that page. It won’t really come as a surprise to any of us. What serious potential customer wouldn’t want to read more about a company before doing business with it? The “about us” page gives you a great opportunity to tell those customers why you’re the right people for the job.

On one website rebuild project we were involved in a few months back, we were discussing how to tackle this, when I realised the best possible advert for the company was right in front of me. I whipped out my video camera, and recorded the sales director for a few minutes talking about what made his company great. The resulting video formed the centrepiece of the company’s new “about us” page. And before you ask if leaving a presentation to video is a bit risky, we transcribed the whole interview and ran this alongside. So with hardly any effort, we created an “about us” page which had several hundred words of believable copy and a video of a real person. As far as showing how real the company was, it ticked all the boxes.

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