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Time to bag yourself another useless bargain

Three things you can do to improve your ROI from advertising on the Stone Junction Blog makes a lot of good points. I’m convinced that more advertising than ever is being bought for the wrong reasons. With reduced budgets, spending should be more considered than ever. Instead, schedules are being dropped and people are advertising on an ad-hoc basis when three magical things come into alignment: an ad sales rep you get on with, a nice sunny day and – of course – an unrepeatable deal (until next time, anyway). This makes no sense. My wife always says she buys nicer clothes when she doesn’t have as much money to spend, because she buys one item she knows will be perfect. When the bank account looks healthier, she tends to indulge her bargain-shopping obsession and buy half a dozen things she’ll never wear, because they seemed like bargains. I never thought I’d say this, but we should all take a leaf out of my wife’s book. When times are tough, just spend more sensibly, rather than heading for the bargain bin. There’s a reason there’s so much stuff in it.

1 thought on “Time to bag yourself another useless bargain”

  1. Wise words! This country generally has an obsession with prices. As a nation we tend to know “the price of everything and the value of nothing” (to quote Oscar Wilde).

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