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For anyone interested in examining websites to get ideas for making your own work better, the Firefox browser has always had all the great tools. Until now, that is, with the launch of the SEO Site Tools extension for Google Chrome. This simple, 5-second install adds a little icon to the top right of your Google Chrome browser which will give you masses of data about how a web page is performing in search engines and social media, as well as offering suggestions for improvements. It’s really rather excellent.

Of course, if you’re forced to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse the web, you won’t have access to any of these sorts of capabilities, and my commiserations. Internet Explorer has improved considerably in the past few years, but most web professionals agree it still offers a markedly inferior browsing experience to Firefox and the new kid on the block, Google Chrome. However, it still dominates the market because in many corporate environments, the IT department likes to standardise on Microsoft software, and at home, well, Internet Explorer comes with Windows and …it’ll do.

But if you’re an Internet Explorer user who isn’t forced to use it by an IT department more interested in making their own lives easier than in allowing you to do your job better, take a look at Firefox or Google Chrome. They’re free to download and use, they import all your Internet Explorer “favorites” and settings, and if for some reason you don’t get on with them, you can just go back to your old browser.

3 thoughts on “Make your browser work for you”

  1. Google Chrome

    Installed… yes…. wonderful….ok BUT it didn’t handle my multiple levels of bookmarks well and shuffled them all over the map.

    Didn’t import cookies

    or passwords…

    I know it’s dead trendy to knock IE8 (all those I-mad folks furiously scribbling away – oohhh sooo trendy) but I’ve never had anything but good performance

  2. I wasn’t that impressed with Chrome (no support for google toolbar ???) but Steve D really should have chosen Firefox for his “off the beaten track” expedition.

    I very occasionally use my wife’s PC (with IE) and boy am I glad I’m on Firefox.

  3. I have to agree, Griff. I would really miss those Firefox (and Google Chrome) extensions, which allow you to personalise your browser into something which really works for you. It would be crazy for me, as an experienced business PC user, to be limited to the same facilities as my Mum.

    More importantly – and this is nothing to do with being “trendy” Steve – IE has to grow up or die, because of how much it has cost the web development industry over the years by being “non-standard” …and this can’t be allowed to continue indefinitely. It’s the customer (the website owner, like you) who pays for this in the end. Every website has to be tested twice, to work in IE and to work in everything else, and often the designs are unnecessarily compromised so that they work in both. Web design companies just pass this cost on to you.

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