How well will your web page “convert” those visitors?

What’s a good “conversion rate” from a landing page? Of course, there’s no hard and fast figure. I’ve seen 75% of visitors fill in a form, which sounds great until you realise that the reason this happened was that the link driving people to the page was so specific, it hardly drove any traffic at all. Conversely, send any old traffic to even the best-designed landing page and you might see just 1% take the required action. In the end, it’s all about optimising the cost-per-acquisition. However, an essential part of that is making the landing page be the best it can be (and don’t forget, in a sense, every page on your site could be viewed as a landing page).

So here’s another of those checklists I love. Whether you’re analysing a specific landing page you’ve created for a specific one-off task, or just assessing how a run-of-the-mill page on your site might “work” for a visitor arriving there, these are issues you can take on board. The list was created to promote an eBook which I’ll confess to not having read, but it suggests the book might be worth further investigation if you’re interested in the subject. Take a look at Landing Page Checklist from How to Develop a Landing Page for more.

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