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How to keep a blog entertaining

Any good consultancy follows its clients’ requirements, and here at Business Marketing Online we’ve been taken in directions we never expected to be taken, as our expanding client base shows us what the real needs in industrial marketing support are. One surprising demand on us has been for technical writing services, mainly from companies who are enthusiastically getting into blogging but find they don’t have the time to add as much content as they’d like. Given my own background of 20 years as a magazine editor and technical writer, I’m happy to provide this outsourced service, either personally or through my extensive network of fellow industrial and scientific writers. I now find myself contributing to (or managing contributions to) blogs in areas as diverse as industrial automation, electronics testing and transducer technology. One client even has us producing daily “tweets” for them! It’s interesting work for us, and for a few hundred pounds a month, seems to be a good investment for the clients.

As corporate blogging expands, however, there’s an increasing need for differentiation. Some of our clients are keen on having educational and informative blogs, but others want to use them to stamp some personality on their market. For this we need to entertain the audience a little, which (as you’ll be quite aware) isn’t always easy in the technical arena. I find it’s best to dream up a few ideas and run them past someone completely alien to the market sector (my wife often gets the job). If you’re trying to do the same, it’s a good technique. Sometimes the most unlikely people can be your most constructive critics.

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