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Government websites get the chop

One casualty of the UK government’s austerity drive will be a number of websites (600 of them!) which in many cases perform a useful service. Sadly, like most public sector projects, the cost of running them is eye-watering. According to Business Link website costs £2.15 per visit on the E-consultancy blog, the UK Trade and Investment site cost a total of £4.7m to build and run, and has been visited by just 399,501 people (yes, that’s over £10 a visit). To me, that many visitors isn’t a bad result, but wow – £4.7m to build and run a website? Sadly, that was £4.7m of our money.

Two things which might affect you: government websites tend to do well in the Google rankings, so if you’re lagging behind them, you might see a traffic boost when they disappear. However, links from them are valuable, so if you’ve got any, you’re going to need to work hard to replace them. If there’s some relevant background information to your industry on a government website which is about to disappear, you might think about writing your own version and posting it on your site.

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