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Why LinkedIn profiles are important

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? I’m finding what was initially a bit of vanity publishing is becoming increasingly important in business. Most of us are quite used to looking up people on LinkedIn before we have a business meeting with them, out of curiosity. But I’ve found that potential clients are often asking mutual acquaintances about me, and it’s quite obvious that the way they’ve done this is by browsing through my LinkedIn profile and discovering people we know in common. For every time we find out this has happened, I expect it’s also occurred on several other occasions without us knowing.

If you have a decent enough CV, it shouldn’t be hard to make a LinkedIn page which can sell your business (through you) quite strongly by highlighting your relevant experience. And however much B2B information goes through the web nowadays, there’s usually some person-to-person interaction somewhere along the line. If I was in charge of any decent-sized business, I would insist that any member of staff who deals with customers, from salesmen to internal tech support staff, has a good personal LinkedIn profile. It can be a very reassuring and attractive thing for prospects and customers alike.

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