Want to join in an interesting experiment?

Someone asked me the other day what percentage of their customers were likely to be able to watch online video, and of course I replied that I had no idea; I don’t know who their customers are. I do know that it’s estimated some 70% of web users watch online video, but maybe B2B web users represent the entire 30% who don’t watch it. I have no idea.

Of course, it would be great to survey our customers about their habits which might affect our online marketing. However, I suspect that most of us probably think we wouldn’t get a big enough response to make really confident decisions. What if we did it jointly though? There are a thousand readers of this blog, the majority of you marketing managers at industrial and scientific companies. If we designed a survey between us, and (say) a hundred of you agreed to send it out to a couple of hundred random customers each, we’d have something very useful, even with just a 10% response.

If you’re interested in this idea, just send an email to survey@bmon.co.uk. No need to put anything in it, we’ll know what it is. And absolutely no commitment at this stage, we just want to start up a small discussion group.

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