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Wake up and smell the Caffeine

A nice article on Search Engine Guide looks at the effects which the long-anticipated forthcoming Google update – called “Caffeine” – might have. Nobody really knows what Google will be looking for once this revised index is fully rolled out, but it’s a very good bet that “freshness” and “uniqueness” will help your site rank highly more than they ever have. That means getting new content onto your site and ensuring that what you add is original copy, not copied from elsewhere or prematurely distributed elsewhere. All the old rules still apply: “Audit your user interface and code, optimize images with related non-spammy meta-tags (GIFs or PNGs for smaller files and JPEGs for larger more detailed images), purge unnecessary duplicate content and take steps to increase page load speeds”. And get more links, but concentrate on relevant ones from related sites!

The full article is at New SEO Practices for a Google Caffeine World

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