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Simple, elegant and effective

Thanks to the Noupe website for a great quote which illustrates something I hold dear to my heart when rebuilding company websites. They say: “Coco Chanel recommended that when a woman got dressed in the morning that she remove one accessory before leaving the house. The idea behind this is that we often tend of overdo things and by removing something we give more importance to the things that remain.”

How this translates to a website is quite straightforward. Make a list of the things you need to offer visitors, and offer those to them. Full stop. How many options are you presenting visitors with on your home page, for example? How many different things can you click on? I bet it’s a lot more than the number in your list of the things you really need to offer. On a recent website rebuild which we were asked to undertake, for a company in the chemicals industry, we decided there were just four items we wanted to show visitors (the client agreed that any more than this was too much for people to take in at a glance anyway). These were:

– Who we are
– What products we offer
– What situations our products can help with
– What we’re doing (i.e news and views)

If you remove the unnecessary adornments from most company website home pages, I bet you won’t come up with anything significantly different.

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