Is the “new” .co domain name extension worth it?

A number of people have asked me about the “new” .co domain name extension, and whether it’s worth buying. If you’re the sort of person who’s ensured that your company has the .com,, .net, .org etc versions of your company name, then I’d definitely look into this, but if you’ve got along just fine up to now with just the .com or, then there are probably better things to spend your money on.

The .co domains officially belong to Colombia (the country), and have not been widely used. But now the folks there who administer the extension have decided to offer it worldwide, a bit like the government of Tuvalu did with the (occasionally) much sought-after “.tv” extension. Between now and early June, you can register your company name if you have a global trademark on it, and after that there’s a free-for-all, starting with a “priority” application period where you’ll be expected to pay an eye-watering US$300 per year for the benefit of having a domain which looks like it’s had a bit accidentally missed off. After that, the price comes down to a more sensible US$30 per year.

Is it worth it? I’m not convinced, unless perhaps somebody else got your company name first time around, and ever since you’ve had to settle for something less obvious than or In that case, here’s a great opportunity to get back into the top-level market.

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