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Are you as mobile as your customers?

B2B Marketing Online has been reporting from Google’s high-powered Zeitgeist conference, which has just taken place here in the UK, in The Future is Calling. No less a luminary than Sir Tim Berners Lee declared himself at the event to be excited about ‘mobile’, and it’s something we should all be taking an interest in. But I’d be prepared to bet that most of us are quietly ignoring it.

We shouldn’t be. The statistics suggest that a large – and rapidly increasing – proportion of your prospects and customers now have internet-capable mobile phones. Of course they do: think of the type of people they are, and the jobs they’re in! Even if you remain unconvinced that they’re using them to search for suppliers, I’d argue that a lot of existing customers will be accessing your website for information using such devices. And we’d all agree that the last thing any of us want to do is to antagonise existing customers. But have you even looked at your website in a mobile device, like your customers may well be doing?

Tomorrow I’ll show you what you should be showing.

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