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Is your website stuck on the sales starting grid?

I’m the world’s worst salesman. I know that, and every salesman I’ve ever worked with knows that. But that’s a personality disorder – knowing the basics of how to sell successfully is not that hard, it’s the doing it which is beyond me. So I can still see quite clearly (as I’m sure you can) where so many business websites go wrong in terms of selling their products.

What’s the first thing which successful salesmen learn? To answer the customer’s question “what’s in it for me?” of course. Do most business websites get as far as that? No, they don’t. They don’t even get on to selling stage two, which is “what are the advantages of the product?”

Instead, most business websites remain stuck on stage one – “what are the features of the product?”

Some sales coaches suggest there’s a fourth stage, beyond “what’s in it for me?”, which is “what impact will it have on my business?” Answering that could make your website a really great one. But just getting away from listing the features would at least be a start.

What stage is your website at? Showing the advantages of your products’ features? Showing their benefits? Showing the effect those benefits can have? Or are you ignoring the customer completely, and just talking about yourself?

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