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How the B2B buying cycle has changed

I’m increasingly interested in the idea of targeting the message to the buyer in B2B marketing, and another good article which you might like to read is Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer – New Paths to Purchase on Fearless Competitor. Inspired by a webinar on the subject, the article says that “so many things we did in the past – that worked well – no longer work”, but the author isn’t talking about things as specific as promotional channels. Instead, he points out some much wider changes, such as the increasing number of people being involved in a purchase, not just the traditional “decision-maker” so beloved of controlled-circulation magazines. He also argues that cold-calling to get sales leads is just about dead, that the importance of Google is exaggerated, you need a lot more marketing material than case studies, and neat specifying and buying processes have gone. Worth a read.

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