Twitter steadily gets more interesting

Our recent seminars allowed me to discuss online marketing developments with a lot of marketing managers from the industrial and scientific sector, and the subject which came most often was setting up company blogs. Closely following that, however, was social media (in particular, Twitter), which everyone seems fascinated by.

Now, as long-time readers know, I’m a complete Twitter addict, but I’ve been far from convinced about its effectiveness as a business marketing tool, especially in technical B2B. That said, a couple of our clients here – both fairly traditional industrial companies – have reported some encouraging leads through this channel, to the surprise of at least one of them (and me!). So there may be something in it, especially if the effort and expense involved is minimal, which it should be.

Last week Twitter announced a forthcoming service called @anywhere which didn’t get a lot of publicity outside the online marketing world, but which might prove interesting. Ignore the “tepid” reaction from the uber-geek community – this one wasn’t aimed at them. It shows that the service is moving beyond a fairly passive one into something which is really making an effort to enable its users to get their message noticed. Do the users include you?

2 thoughts on “Twitter steadily gets more interesting”

  1. Sorry for being so abstruse. The @anywhere system offers users the possibility to embed the twitter discussion on their website, I believe. But therein lies the danger as one famous confectionery company learned to its chagrin in 2009 when it displayed all the tweets mentioning one of its products on its homepage. Within hours it was deluged with embarrassing and often offensive drivel from twitter users. It had assumed, it seems, that there would be nothing more than fascinating chatter from fans of the product. It was very wrong.

    This issue was discussed wrt @anywhere at its launch and across the blogosphere. Maybe it’s not quite the same situation and maybe there are controls and filters. However, companies that are not keeping an eye on such discussions in the ubergeek community should take care when playing with ubergeek toys.

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