Show them just enough

There are two great things to learn from the blog post I’m going to point you towards today. It’s called 10 Essential Rules to Help You Create “Ready-to-Buy” Customers With White Papers and it’s on Michael Stelzner’s Writing White Papers site.

The first thing to note is the rules themselves. Producing one or more White Papers is an excellent marketing tool for almost every business. And the tips listed in this article are really good ones, from not holding back with your secrets, to embracing the reader’s issues.

The second thing to note, however, is that there are only five rules, not ten. Isn’t that the most compelling way of getting us to read more about the author’s offerings? If he’d said “send for my ten rules” without letting you see any, or shown you all ten and then asked you to do something unrelated, he’d have got a far smaller response. Come on, think about it, we can all do this sort of exercise.