I can see where you live

Thanks to reader Andrew Reynolds of powder processing equipment specialist Orthos (Engineering) for this excellent find, which I imagine a number of you might be able to put to good use. Andrew needed a swift way of displaying a group of customers on a map for a colleague and found BatchGeo, which you feed with your address list pasted straight from a spreadsheet. In seconds, as Andrew says, “it churns out a Google map, e-mails you the web link and even gives you the chance to embed the map in your own web site.”

I had to try this, and indeed, it works a treat. I found a random list of addresses online (amateur sports clubs beginning with “C”, since you ask) and in five minutes I’d made this map (below). Have fun. And if you use BatchGeo, don’t forget to send the creators a fiver through the “make a donation” button. That’s how these things work, see?

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