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How to set up our Google Search Phrase Position Reports

Today’s post will be immediately useful for our Insider Programme members, but those of you who aren’t in our little group yet might also like to know more about one of the most useful tools we offer: our Google Search Phrase Position Reports. If you haven’t joined the Insider Programme yet, please think about it – at just £100 a month, I honestly think it’s a fantastic community for all industrial and scientific sector marketing managers, which will pay for itself from week 1.

So, what I’m going to run through below is what our Google Search Phrase Position Reports can do, and how to make the most of them. Existing members will know that the reports show the position your website(s) are in for any search terms on Google. Now, it’s easy enough to look these up yourself (remembering to avoid Google’s “Personalised Results”), but you need to do it daily if you’re going to monitor your progress over time. An automated system is the answer, and this also comes with the advantage that you’ll get instant warning if your site suddenly changes position in Google. This happens more often than people realise, but if you’re not monitoring things, it can be weeks or months before you find out.

Our Google Search Phrase Position Report system checks your search terms in the background every day, and emails you those lovely charts every Friday – charts which I know many members love to have for management meetings.

As someone who receives these reports, you may not have revised the search terms which are being monitored since you joined the Insider Programme, but it’s quite easy to do so. Just sign into the Insider Programme dashboard, select ‘Google Search Phrase Position Reports’ and enter any search terms you wish to monitor in the form, one at a time. You can de-activate any you no longer wich to monitor. Also on the same page, you can add or edit the domains which appear on the graphs, if you have more than one company domain. Some users add the domain with and without the “www”. Click “Add” and you’re done!

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