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How do we make our readers think we’re smart?

Having a company blog isn’t some new fad. In fact, it’s taken a long time for many companies to see the benefit. Forget about the silly name for a moment, and just consider a blog to replace the “news” part of your website (which you never update frequently enough, do you?) with something that’s far more dynamic, readable and effective. Instead of a stuffy “news” section which makes a company look over-formal and undynamic (because it hasn’t had anything added for months), a blog makes you look like you’re genuinely involved in your market. And because it’s probably a lot easier to add new content to a blog than it is to crank up your company’s horrible website content management system, you’re far more likely to find the enthusiasm to write something.

And you don’t have to call it a blog. Most of the clients who we’re setting up blogs for call it the “News and Views” section of their website, or – if it’s a separate site – their “News and Views website”.

Once your blog – sorry, “News and Views website” – has been set up, some advice on how to write it wouldn’t go amiss. We list dozens of ideas for content in one of our Insider Programme Practical Steps sheets, but what about style? Guy Kawasaki recently had something to say about this on the Open Forum in an article intriguingly titled British Blogging: The Elements of Guyle. He says: “There’s something about a British accent. Whenever I hear it, I assume the person speaking with it is smart.” and wonders how you might develop a writing and presentational style which would immediately make the reader think that you’re smart. Some good tips there.

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