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Here’s my card. Sorry you can’t read it.

A short diversion away from online marketing today, because I found a lovely article about Beautiful Business Card Designs. It seems to me to be so important to have memorable (not to mention legible) business cards, as they’re often the only thing you leave important business contacts with. I’ve had my current business cards for nearly 18 months now and have been very pleased with the impact they’ve made. Now, clearly a jazzy card like this isn’t right for every business, but I do feel sorry for those of you who have terrible, ultra-conservative designs thrust on you by head office, especially as the more “formal” they are, the more minuscule the text seems to get. Even the small print on legal documents can’t compete with some business card designs when it comes to using the most unreadable, tiny print size ever. What is the thinking behind that?

1 thought on “Here’s my card. Sorry you can’t read it.”

  1. Having recently purchased a business card scanner to assist with the mundane job of converting prospects cards collected from exhibitions into a spreadsheet format it is amazing what the OCR in the devise does pick up – but stray two far away from common type faces and the ‘overtyping/editing’ takes longer than the scanning process. For those who wish to remain elusive and stay clear of CRM systems I would recommend picking an unusual but legible type face.

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