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Phew – after four successive Fridays talking to a room full of people, I’ll be glad to have a break this week. Our seminars on “How to make your website punch above your weight” and “How to get customer enquiries back to 1990 levels” were real successes, if the generous feedback was anything to go by. Thank you! If you were one of the 60 or 70 marketing managers who attended, I hope you found the day genuinely useful.

However, I may not escape so easily. A number of people couldn’t make these particular dates and of course a few had to drop out at the last minute, because apparently you have jobs or something. Tony here reckons there’s plenty of demand for me to do a third session of each seminar, so let’s see. Would you like me to do either seminar again?

Chris Rand's AdWords Seminar

If you’d be interested in a day out of the office hearing what I’ve got to say about designing a great website, or running a successful online advertising campaign, let us know. As before, the events would be free, lunch is included, and it’s a great chance to discuss marketing with a group of contemporaries from similar industries.

There are quick forms for you to indicate your potential interest at (website design) and (online advertising).

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