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A few days ago, I mentioned that a couple of industrial clients have asked us to start doing some technical writing for them, in the form of additional pages for their websites and blogs. This instantly generated further interest, along the lines of “how much would it cost for you to write a blog for our company?” and I thought it was worth passing on the reply to a wider audience!

So… you’d like a blog for your company, and you’d like it written too? Here’s what we can do.

Firstly, we’d recommend setting up the blog to be one stage removed from your company. So if you’re the Acme Blue Widget Company, we’ll set up the “Blue Widget User” blog, rather than the “Acme Blog”. There’s nothing wrong with company-oriented blogs (I believe every company should have one), but I feel that one aimed at the end-user is more appropriate if it’s to be written by a third party. It won’t hide its parentage in any way, but the focus will be on the customer.

We’ll set up the blog, with its own proper domain (separate from your own website) such as, running something appropriate like WordPress and designed professionally. It will have RSS feeds, it will be available for subscription by email (like this blog), and it will have its own Twitter stream. We will write at least one post a week, notifying you for approval before it’s released. We’ll be more than happy if you wish to add additional posts of your own. And there you have it – a totally professional blog for your customers, with minimal resources or time required on your part.

The cost? £500 to set the blog up, and £500 a month to write it. As ever, no ongoing commitment.

Now, we can get you something like 400 visitors a month to your website for that sort of investment using our Google AdWords management service, so the blog will have to work hard to give the same sort of value. But I believe it can, while making you look extremely supportive and proactive at the same time. Call Tony Rand on 01462 489060 or email if you’d like to take things a step further.

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