Opening up your sales presentations to the world

I’m currently putting together the material for a series of free seminars for all you good people. As with any such event, I’ll have a slide presentation to illustrate and emphasise what I’m saying (which I’m putting together in Keynote, but I could have used Powerpoint if I had the patience of a saint). Now, although the core of the seminar will run for two hours or more, it only takes 5-10 minutes to read through the slides. Sound familiar? Do you have a good presentation like this in your company? Because if you do, you have the basis of some excellent material for your website. It’s very straightforward to play the slideshow through, add a narration to it, and put the whole presentation online. I’ll probably do this for the forthcoming seminars, to provide a good outline of what happened, both for those of you who attended and those who couldn’t. If you’ve done something similar, put a link to it on the comments below, so others can see.

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