It’s only an electronic gadget.

Right, now that all the fuss has died down about that Apple gadget, we can start to think about whether this is just another electronic toy or – like the smartphone – if it’s the start of something which might affect the marketing landscape.

Let’s say we believe the iPad is the start of a whole new class of device. I do. If you disagree, I’ll see you again on Monday.

Still with me? Right, let’s say you do find the device as potentially interesting as I do. The difference between it and either a smartphone or a laptop is that it seems to be designed expressly for consuming media. What that means is that if it takes off, its users will inevitably read more, watch more and listen to more. So, if we believe that the successors to this device are going to be absolutely everywhere in five years’ time, does this have any impact on business marketing?

One blog which has attempted to work out how it might is Digital Body Language. In 6 things the iPad means for B2B Marketers it’s suggested that sales may well be an initial beneficiary (and I can see why). But it’s more than likely that the publishing industry needs these sorts of electronic devices to take off if it’s to survive, and I can see an even greater impact down the line when it comes to getting your message over.

Anything to worry about right now then? No, of course not. Except the length of the queue to get your iPad, that is.

3 thoughts on “It’s only an electronic gadget.”

  1. It’s a ‘game changer’ because of the speed of data exchange, both to and from the user. I discounted the original iPhone as underpowered and underspecced, but when I finally used a 3GS (which still did not have all of the features of my Nokia smartphone) I was sold. Tasks that took me a minute on the Nokia would take 15-20 seconds on the iPhone and this was down to the interface and the speed of the device. The iPad appears even faster than the iPhone. Incorporate it into an Intranet and use a touch-screen optimised interface and you have a great device for tasks such as stock control, data entry etc…

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