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Google PageRank, Rest In Peace

You may have heard of Google’s “PageRank”. Indeed, you wouldn’t be alone if you found it very important. It’s a score from 0-10 relating to how “strong” a page is in Google’s rankings, and you can see it in the Google Toolbar, if you have that installed on your browser. Anyway, there was a time when Google PageRank was a brilliant indicator of how a site would perform in the Google results. That time has now passed. Let’s not hear any more about Google PageRank, please. Let it Rest In Peace.

For the full background, I refer you to Why Google Page Rank is Now Irrelevant on HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog. The gist of the story, however, is that Google only updates the number once or twice a year, and that there are so many factors involved in search engine ranking that a general “strength” assigned to a page really doesn’t mean much. If Google PageRank is as unimportant as Google itself says it is, then I wish they’d remove it from the Google Toolbar and really consign it to history.

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