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Don’t overlook Wikipedia

I’d be prepared to bet that in your website analytics report, no external site comes even close to Google when it comes to the quantity of visitors it sends. Well here’s something you might find interesting. I have a site where Google gets a run for its money. The referrer which does nearly as well? Wikipedia.

Now, it’s well known that links from Wikipedia are tagged so that they don’t pass on any of the link strength which powers your website’s ranking in the search engines. However, many people forget that the sheer number of visitors to Wikipedia mean that a mention there will bring you a substantial amount of direct traffic.

Any of us can sign into Wikipedia right now and create a link to our website. That’s how Wikipedia works. We’re all editors. But if it’s not a proper, helpful link, then it’ll quickly be removed by other editors. So have a read of a nice post on Daily SEO Tip called (deep breath) Sticky-Wiki Dos and Don’ts: How to Improve your Chances of Maintaining an Incoming Link on Wikipedia. Then think about where you could give yourself a genuinely useful link from the world’s sixth most visited website.

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