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7 places you need to include your key search phrase

Yesterday we looked at the importance of having a target search phrase in mind when writing any web page. But where does it need to go?

It turns out there are seven different places. They are:
1. The “Title tag”
2. The “Meta Description tag”
3. The Headline (or “h1 tag”)
4. The Body Copy (main text)
5. The Page URL
6. The main image URL
7. The main image “alt tag”

So, if you’re creating a page about your range of fast blue widgets, and you’ve decided that “fast blue widgets” is the search phrase you’d like to do well in Google for, then you need to include those three words, in that order, in your headline and in the main text. Behind the scenes, you need to get them into the page title, meta description and main image “alt” tags. The file name of the main image on the page needs to be modified, if necessary, to get those words in. And the system you use to manage the page creation needs to allow you to include them in the actual URL.

There may be reasons why you can’t manage all of these. Some poor content management systems don’t allow you to define your own page URL, instead giving it some meaningless code. Really awful content management systems don’t even give you access to the page title and meta description tags. But do what you can. And if any of that seems a bit geeky, it needn’t be. We can help.

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