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Which of your pages are underappreciated by Google?

A smart idea today from the SEOmozBlog on how and why you should Find Invisible Pages Using Google Analytics. If you’ve got a fairly extensive website, this is a really good exercise.

‘Invisible pages’ in this context are pages which might as well not be there as far as Google is concerned, because it’s not sending them any traffic. If you’ve got pages which nobody is finding from Google, but which you think have some value, they need some work. This applies particularly to pages which do get a fair number of views once people have arrived on your site and navigated to them, but just aren’t getting any direct traffic from search engines.

A recently-added Google Analytics feature called ‘pivot table reports’ is the tool you need to unlock this information. It will allow you to look at the ratio for each page of Google traffic to total page views. If it’s only a tiny percentage, the page could do with a lot better profile in Google.

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