The onward march of WordPress

When we rebuild websites for industrial and scientific companies, we always use free, open-source ‘content management systems’ (the engine behind the site). This is not because they save you, as the client, a lot of money (although they do!), but because they have so many thousands of users worldwide. You can therefore be assured that the system will continue to be maintained and updated, and you won’t be tied into a particular subcontractor (including us!) if you need new features in the future.

There are a number of open-source content management systems available, and we’re happy to create websites in any of them. But when clients ask us for a recommendation (as most do), we’re increasingly finding that WordPress is the best choice, especially for companies who don’t have thousands of product lines.

One of the things which WordPress is good at is enabling pages to be ‘search engine optimised’ as they’re created. One of the world’s best-known search engine optimisation specialists, Michael Gray, recently brought a lot of ideas together in an article called How I Create and Manage A WordPress Website on his GraywolfÂ’s SEO Blog. The article is particularly aimed at people who are creating a website on a specific topic, but there’s a lot of insight there too for those of us who are building business websites.

If you’re a company with a small website who wants to step up and compete with the big boys, systems such as WordPress allow you to do just that. They enable creation of a new website which will revolutionise the way you operate to be achieved in a few weeks, for just a few thousand pounds, and very little effort on your part. More details here, and email us if you’d like to see recent examples of our work.

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