Keeping customers off your website with AdWords

I doubt this is available in the UK yet, but advance warning of something which Google is testing with AdWords – giving people the chance to request a phone call from you. I immediately felt a little uneasy with this, but Why Marketers Should Be Dubious of Google AdWords New Lead Capturing Tool on Hubspot’s Inbound Internet Marketing blog explains what’s happening and expresses my reservations perfectly. It also adds a few things I hadn’t considered.

You may of course think that this would be a good feature for your company, and if so, you probably can’t wait for it to be added. I hope it will be optional, however, as it’s certainly not appropriate for everyone.

We’ve had quite a few enquiries here recently from industrial companies wanting us to set up and manage an AdWords campaign for them. We are, as ever, delighted to quote for this service. We do things a bit differently from advertising agencies, making the service perfect for organisations like yours. Why? Because all you have to do is to give us a budget, and say “get me that traffic”. We do everything else. There’s a full explanation on our website.

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