Double the value from surveys

Companies which are extending their promotional outlets into new areas such as email newsletters, blogs and Twitter, have two tasks: to let customers know what they’re doing, and to find out what the potential reach of these initiatives might be.

One way of achieving both objectives, together, is to use a survey. It’s a day or two’s work in-house, but it’ll produce excellent return on investment if you get it right. Here’s the recipe.

You will need:
– An account with an online survey service, such as Surveymonkey
– Your customer contact list
– A nice incentive to complete your survey

First, create a survey which asks the questions you want answered about who reads emails, blogs, etc. At each stage, promote what you do; for example, if you ask “do you use Twitter?”, then if they answer “yes”, pop up a message giving your Twitter page address and tell them what they might gain from following you.

Now think of an incentive to get people to complete your survey. You might have a great new downloadable document which every customer can have, or you might want to offer a special prize to a random customer.

Finally, create an email or postal mailshot to your customers drawing attention to the survey and why they should complete it. If all the pieces are in place, I’ve seen a response as high as 10%, which can be very valuable information, as well as an effective promotion for your various marketing outlets.

If this sounds like a good idea, but you think you’ll be to busy to organise it all, we have a survey specialist here at Business Marketing Online who can take the entire thing off your hands for the cost of a half page advert in a magazine. And I know which exercise would be more productive to me.

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