Answering the unasked questions

In my previous article I said that customers no longer wait around until they’re sold to, they go looking for things. That means you need to have the answers to as many questions as possible pre-answered on your website. This can mean something as simple as “yes, we have large blue widgets”, for people looking for large blue widgets.

However, most questions, and particularly the way they’re going to be phrased, can’t be predicted in advance. The best chance of catching them is to have plenty of informative stuff on your website. The more you say, the more questions you’ll answer. The first step in doing this is to ensure your website has the facility to present a range of informative articles, and that it’s easy to add them. It’s one reason why many companies are “blogging”, but in an industrial context, a blog is just an area of a company website where ad-hoc articles can be added. The term is probably a little off-putting, to be honest.

Right, now that you’ve organised that, what sort of articles should you create? I liked 6 Eye-Catching Content Ideas for Your Business Blog on Inbound Internet Marketing. Best practices, case studies, market and technical analyses, technology guides …they can all be very successful in drawing attention to your company. If your company knows what it’s talking about, it is not good enough to just put on your website “we know what we’re talking about”. You have to show that you do.

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