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Some trends to think about next year

Everyone involved in internet marketing is publishing what they predict is going to happen next year, but I like the 8 Predictions for SEO in 2010 on the SEOmoz blog, as these folks do usually know what they’re talking about. If the whole concept is a bit geeky for you, here’s my elevator summary…

1. Showing stuff from Twitter on the first page of the Google results will be a short-lived gimmick;
2. People quoting you in Twitter, however, will be important for search engines;
3. “Personalised search”, where everyone sees different Google results, will reinforce the position of those people already doing well;
4. Google, with 80% of search, and a (probably) combined Yahoo!/Bing, with 20%, really are all that matters in search;
5. The Yahoo! SiteExplorer tool will – sadly – disappear;
6. Spending on search engine optimisation will increase;
7. “Conversion Rate Optimisation” by building a solid process for turning traffic into leads, will be given the importance it deserves;
8. There’ll be less traffic for all of us from Google as it starts to provide more of our content there itself.

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