SEO is not dead. It’s not even resting.

This is one of my last articles of 2009, so of course I wish you all a successful – but above all, happy – new year. This is the time for looking ahead to the next twelve months, and when it comes to web marketing, there have been hundreds of predictions made. It feels to me like I’ve read all of them.

If I were to summarise the general sentiment among the experts, it would be that trying to manipulate the search engines is becoming an increasingly pointless task. This has led to a number of headlines along the lines of “search engine optimisation is dead”, which is not strictly true. If you think of search engine optimisation (or “SEO”) as gaining some sort of unearned advantage in the Google results, then that’s probably true – particularly in the business sector. Google is getting very good, and beating the system now takes a degree of expertise and resources that no business like yours can (or would want to) afford.

But if you consider search engine optimisation as presenting your website in the best possible format for Google, then it’s more important than ever. If you think of it in exhibition terms, then a site which gets things right has the big stand by the entrance. The site with poor structure, limited content, bad title and meta description tags, and no external links is the tiny stand hidden away in the corner of the exhibition annex.

The basics of how to get things right are well documented. You can join our £100/month Insider Programme to be taken through them each week throughout 2010, as I keep reminding you. Or if you’d like a personalised, 10-20 page report on your own website, we can provide that for you in a couple of weeks. Dozens of companies took us up on this offer this past year, and we’ve really enjoyed doing the reports. I work on them personally, along with one of the UK’s top SEO experts, who we hire in for the job. The cost is just £400 – email us at or call Tony on 01462 489060 and I’ll get cracking on it straight away.

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