A sparkly new email list for the new year

A little bit more about email marketing today, because it’s something which I’m sure everyone’s involved in. Are your email lists growing? on What’s Working in Marketing suggests that if you feel your email list is getting tired, and are not working it hard because of that, perhaps there are ways to “freshen it up”. I think it’s well worth doing.

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  1. Chris,
    Wanted to thank you for referencing our blog post…somehow I just found this so my apologies for a delayed thank you!! I think the beginning of every year is a good time to look at your email lists and figure out how to cultivate more of what you want, whether it be about gathering more data about your audience so you can better segment information and content, growing the list more in a specific vertical, or whatever the goal for your marketing plan is. Getting there isn’t always a straight line either, it may require iterative processes to get where you want to go. But that’s the kind of fun marketer’s get to have, right? Thanks again!

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