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Your quiet marketing revolution

A short piece called Your B2B Lead Generation Budget: Start by Cutting It Into Thirds on the Sales Lead Insights blog might prove inspirational if you’re thinking of starting again with your marketing plans for 2010. I suspect the reason so many marketing plans just roll over year-on-year is that it’s hard to come up with something new. Well, here’s something that’ll get a marketing revolution kicked off at your company. I’m not saying I totally agree with it, but it’s as good a place to begin as any I’ve seen.

1 thought on “Your quiet marketing revolution”

  1. Chris,

    Thanks for mentioning my post about budgeting for B2B lead generation. As you suggested in your last sentence, it is intended only as a good place to start thinking about how to allocate your lead gen budget.

    Mac McIntosh
    mcintosh at sales-lead-experts dot com

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